Workshop “Artificial Intelligence in Teaching”

9 Jan by anita.tomsic

Workshop “Artificial Intelligence in Teaching”

Workshop “Artificial Intelligence in Teaching” led by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Markus Schatten was held on December 12th and 19th, 2022 in the facilities of Partner 1 – Faculty of Organization and Informatics. Workshop participants learned about what artificial intelligence is and what types of artificial intelligence exist. They discussed whether we need artificial intelligence in […]
30 Nov by Administrator

Workshop “e-Learning Systems”

The workshop “e-Learning Systems” was held on November 15th and 29th, 2022 in the facilities of II. Primary School in Varaždin and Faculty of Organization and Informatics, University of Zagreb. The lecturers were Assoc. Prof. Dr. Igor Balaban and Dr. Miran Zlatović from Partner 1 – FOI. The workshop participants learned about the basic characteristics […]
20 Oct by Administrator

The workshop “STEAM and Modern Teaching Methods”

On November 19th, 2022, the first workshop for teachers entitled “STEAM and Modern Teaching Methods” was held. The workshop focused on contemporary pedagogical approaches with an emphasis on the application of project-based, team-based, research-based, and problem-based teaching and peer learning in the context of the STEAM concept. Teachers will integrate educational and learning expectations from […]