Project partners

Partner 1 – The Faculty of Organization and Informatics (FOI) has been active for over 50 years, providing education in the field of information technology, economy, organization, communication, and related areas. FOI has a wealth of experience in conducting professional and scientific projects (more than 40 active projects, over 170 successfully completed projects, over 470 partners worldwide). The project will involve staff from the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, the Internet of Things Laboratory, the Advanced Technologies in Education Laboratory, the Strategic Planning and Decision Laboratory, as well as the Forensic, Biometry and Privacy Center and the International Projects Center. FOI will participate in teacher education, mentoring, development of specialized artificial intelligence and gamification systems, and will provide an e-learning system on its own infrastructure that will be available to teaching staff during and at least 5 years after the completion of the project.

Partner 2 – NT Gruppen AS is engaged in developing web platforms, applications, and tools that will be used to facilitate natural science education in schools. It also works on developing new pedagogical solutions through AR (augmented reality). The new technology and education are connected in an exciting way through interaction and play.
It collaborates with some of the leading European researchers on educational projects where important elements of children’s mental development and functional knowledge (ability to think about consequences and conclusions) are stimulated by methods that coordinate motor movements and prevent concentration and attention disorders. They have developed several mobile applications such as Norgano, Allergenfri, Stamp & Save and Nomon.
NT Gruppen AS will participate in the project through the adaptation and localization of its Nomon (meteor tracking system) and Sandbox systems for II. Elementary School VaraĹždin, mentoring teachers on the use of the systems and conducting educational workshops for teachers in the field of gamification and e-learning.